For many people IRA contributions are still tax-deductible.

And for all us IRA income is tax-deferred until it’s withdrawn. But there’s an even better reason IRAa have been so accepted – they’re a great way to start building today for a secure retirement tomorrow.

Fixed-Rate CD/IRA

A guaranteed competitive rate for your retirement “nest-egg”.

  • $500 Minimum to Open
  • Various Interest Payment Methods
  • All Terms Available
  • Convenient Automatic Renewal At Market Rate
  • FDIC Insured

Individual Retirement Account

Featuring the potential of higher earnings, this is our most popular retirement account.

  • No Fees
  • Competitive Market Interest Rate
  • Low $100 Minimum to Open
  • Choose IRA Savings or an IRA CD (One or Two year term available)
  • Convenient Automatic Renewal
  • FDIC Insured

*Early withdrawal penalties may apply

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